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Since 1999, the biennial International Swimming Pond Congress has been a source of inspiration for new ideas and innovation, as well as a hub for inter-disciplinary exchange between specialist companies and manufacturers that design, build, supply, operate and assess natural bathing waters.

Expertise will be shared with attendees at this congress by outstanding speakers.

The 10th International Swimming Pond Congress will take place on 9th and 10th September 2019 in Warsaw. The proven concept of the 9th Congress in Leeuwarden is largely taken over.
Venue is the ARCHE HOTEL KRAKOWSKA, a modern conference hotel. Lecture rooms, work shops, exhibition in the foyer, rooms and restaurant are in the immediate vicinity and under one roof.

On 5.-7.of September, the fair "Green is life Warsaw" will be held, which could be of interest to both congress participants and exhibitors.

More information coming soon.

Pondy award

As patron of the International Swimming Pond Congress and umbrella organization for global swimming pond experts the International Organization for natural bathing water (IOB) has launched the Pondy Award.              more